Yorkie is a personal and private journal, running on iOS.


People *really* like Yorkie.

  • I love this app and vote 5 stars and I would recommend to friends about the great app!

    — Bernhard Toy

  • This is the best journaling app that i use!!! i love this so much❤

    — General Durgan

  • I've only just started using this and i love it! I've always wanted to have a place to let out all of the information that i got through out the day/school.

    — Kevin_Williamson

  • So adorable. What I love the most is you can restore the data to another device if you sync your diary regularly.

    — Cassie Schoen

  • I absolutely love this app and it is good in UI which makes me really excited to journal my day.

    — Salvador Hartmann

  • This an amazing app. Ive used it almost every day and it works perfect.

    — Dickens Bins

  • Great app! I always wanted to journal, but whenever I download an app I find it boring and I just open it once then I leave it. But with this app I don't spend a day without journaling.

    — Madeline Santos

  • I’ve been using this app for a while and it’s safe to say it’s one of my favorite apps. i love how my little logs look on the app. The perfect digital diary!!

    — salgalpal

  • Exactly what I looked for. Private journal for my daily thoughts. Nothing fancy but well structured, easy to navigate and ability to keep everything private and backed up.

    — Panda like

  • Let’s me clear my head, with out being burden with a paper journal.

    — CamerionB

  • I love this app. It's quick and easy. Does its job simply. I've had a few questions and the developer is quick to reply with excellent advice. Awesome.

    — OCMindful

  • Sometimes an easy to use record without complex operations is good and this is what makes this App great AND I LOVE IT


  • I’ve switched from apps to apps, this is the only one I’m using this long. I love the scroll down feature. You can easily access all the entries of the days before just scrolling down, no muss no fuss with buttons and places that need clicks. Very practical and simple. I give it a 10

    — lamira00

  • This app is fab so simple but doing wonders for my health. I stress..I write. I cry..I write. I'm happy..I write. I love.. I write.. I worry..I write it's like a burden lifted and my head has more freedom to relax and enjoy life and it's great for a good nights sleep.. you click-you write-you click-you sleep x

    — Charl2013

  • Fabulous app for keeping a diary for my future dementia. If I can't be bothered to write, I just take a picture which gets annotated with the date and place. Really easy to use and nice format. Thank you

    — NitNatNet

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